Monday, March 22, 2010

Still nothing from Sander Rue, or Diane Denish

Senator Sander Rue and Lt Gov Diane Denish are credited with legislation creating a Sunshine Portal on state government.

Nobody seems to be much upset that two fiscal years will come and go before the Portal actually opens. During those two years, corrupt and incompetent politicians and public servants will be scrambling to fix all of the problems they either created or enabled, and covering their tracks.

No one has suggested any other reason to wait two years.

Technical issues are not the problem. Most of the data is in a format that could be put on line immediately, though some is recorded in ancient computer languages that might take considerable time to translate.

What is really going to take two years, is for the corrupt and
incompetent to read every single line of what is going on line,
looking for evidence of their corruption and/or incompetence
and then finding some way to mitigate or obscure it.

The point is; the Portal could open, at least in substantial part,

But is won't. And if there is another reason at all, except to
grandfather in corruption and incompetence,
why won't anybody articulate it?

Why won't Senator Sander Rue
answer the question; either on
Haussamen's blog, link,
on this blog, or in response
to my email?

Why won't Lt Gov Diane Denish,
explain, defend, or even acknowledge
the grace period on corruption?

I thought she was supposed to be
all about ending the corruption
surrounding her Office
sooner, rather than later.

photos Mark Bralley

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