Thursday, March 04, 2010

Serious allegations made against Secretary of State Herrera.

The Journal reports this morning, link, about allegations made against NM Secretary of State Mary Herrera.

An employee, a former assistant district attorney, within his letter of resignation from her office wrote that he "has never worked in such a crooked organization."

The complaint, of course, has now gone dark. The office of government charged with representing our interests in the process won't even admit that they have received a complaint. According to the Journal;

"A spokesman for the AG's office would neither confirm nor deny that the office is looking into the issues raised by Salazar."
The lack of transparent accountability will do nothing if not feed the supposition that something is going to be covered up.

That supposition would not be fed, if everyone concerned were telling as much truth as the law allows. Instead, they will tell only the truth that the law requires, if that.

And I suppose that someone, Herrera, is going to get away with murder.

photo Mark Bralley

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