Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Richardson "screwed" again by Larry Barker

The last time KRQE Investigative Reporter Larry Barker exposed Governor Bill Richardson's near criminal abuse of his prerogative to create plum state government jobs as political favors, Richardson said he wasn't going to comment on the allegations because Barker was going to "screw" him on the story.

Well, Barker is back, exposing even more indefensible hires at outrageous salaries. One lady, whose parents gave $86K to Richardson's various political campaigns, was given a job as a clerk, for 60,000 tax dollars a year.

Richardson, according to Barker's latest report, link, declined to explain, defend, deny, or even acknowledge Barker's allegations, though he was given ample opportunity.

Because after all, he is being "screwed" yet again.

While various lawmakers, when interviewed, expressed all manner of upset over the facts, apparently that will be the only thing they do about the real screwing that is going on here, the screwing of those who placed their trust and treasure in the hands of Bill Richardson.

photo Mark Bralley

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