Monday, March 01, 2010

Allen Weh's two tool, tool chest; a baseball bat and a veto pen.

Gubernatorial candidate Allen Weh assures voters that he needs only two tools to deal with the entrenched politicians and public servants in Santa Fe; a baseball bat and a veto pen.

He is wrong.

Take for example; Pit Rules, link. Pit Rules apply to environmental aspects of drilling for oil and gas. The rules, written to protect the environment, may be over protective and unproductive. There are those who believe that the Pit Rules stifle exploration and development and contribute to dwindling tax revenue to the state.

When asked about that specifically, at the Tea Party Forum, candidate Rep Janice Arnold-Jones said she plans to call a moratorium on enforcing the rules, and then review the situation to come up with a solution that protects the environment without over-biting the hand that feeds state coffers.

Weh, countered by saying, while his opponent, Arnold-Jones, would "study" the problem, he would end it with a stroke of his Governor's pen; baseball bat at the ready should anyone object.

The simple fact is that the Governor simply does not have the authority, under the State Constitution, to strike down regulations at will; Weh's plan is a non-starter; it will never leave the gate.

Voters must decide, whose plan is more workable? Can knowledge, experience, and the ability to negotiate effectively fix the problem, or do we need somebody swinging a baseball bat and a veto pen to beat the opposition into submission?

It's a no brainer, if you ask me.

photos Mark Bralley


Anonymous said...

Densationalism + Mob mentality = The power of Weh.
PS-Did you all know the "Weh" in Mexican Spanish means " A^&%hole"?
What a coikidink!

Anonymous said...

Weh is a bully, plain and simple. God forbid, if he ever entered the governor's office, he'd find out "in the first 24 hours" that his bullying would be met with stiff resistence from the bureaucracy, from Democrats, and even from most Republicans.

We've seen his type before, and his name is Richardson. I could envision Weh being impeached in the first year of his antics.

Janice Arnold-Jones however, seems to have the skill and smarts to really make a difference, quickly and legally!

Anonymous said...

Weh shows a shocking ignorance of the office he's seeking.