Monday, March 08, 2010

Imagine the consequences

Suppose there were nailed on a wall somewhere, a choice.

Suppose you could require every politician and public servant,
or would be politician or public servant, to make that choice.

Let's make a choice, shall we end the culture of corruption state government, at once, and for all?


should we not?

My premise; there is character and competence enough
in the Roundhouse, that they could write and pass legislation
that would effectively end the cultures of corruption and incompetence.

There is character and courage enough in the Roundhouse,
to make government as transparently accountable as it can be; state of the art.

If three of five legislators, link, chose to do so, they can bring about an Extraordinary Session of the Legislature. During which, nothing is germane that does not effect the end of the cultures of corruption and incompetence.

Can it be done? is there the competence?, is there the courage?

Can these folks write unequivocal standards of conduct and competence for politicians and public servants within their public service?

Can they provide inescapable accountability to those standards?

Can they make government as transparent as the law will allow?

Can they prove to us that they will tell us the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth except according to due process?

The matter is not one of can it be done,
it is a matter of will it be done.

It is a matter of character and of courage.

Will it be done?

That would depend on the number of State Representatives and State Senators who are willing to put their names on a call for a call.

Some one of them is going to be the first to pick a side in this battle between good and evil.

Every other one of them will be among the last.

Some one's name will be the last on the list, forever.

There will not be a list of the names opposing transparently accountable government, for reasons which are self evident. (OK, there will be a list, I promise, but their names will not be on it because they put them there)

They will instead, attempt to hide their indefensible position by pretending that the choice has not been presented to them, or they will abuse their usurped power and privilege by refusing to acknowledge the question.

If this choice is forced upon them before the next elections,
voters for once, really will have the opportunity to vote the bums out.

Hear ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Do you support or, do you oppose;
convening an Extraordinary Session of the Legislature, at the earliest opportunity, robustly webcast, and with the understanding that there will be no decision on the public interests without public participation.


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An email and a link to this post were sent to every member of the House and Senate at 8:20 am, Tuesday, 3/9/10.

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