Sunday, March 21, 2010

NM Republican Party dirty tricks

Eight years ago, Rep Janice Arnold-Jones submitted an email address to the NM Republican Party. The email address was created for this purpose and no other. It was added to a list of emails that are used to allow the Party and candidates to broadly email potential supporters, saving thousands in postage.

When Gubernatorial Candidate Arnold-Jones asked for a copy of the email list, she was told no such list exists.

Yet she is receiving emails to this address from the campaigns of Allen Weh and Susana Martinez. Apparently, they have gotten hold of the "non-existent" list.

The Republican Party is not supposed to support candidates in Primary Elections; only during General Elections after the list of candidates has been winnowed down to one.

NMRP Chair Harvey Yates has apparently contacted KKOB radio and informed them that they were to recognize only the candidates who received 20% of the votes at the Republican Pre-Primary Convention, and to disregard the candidates who are otherwise fully qualified to compete in the Primary Election based on the number of petition signature they have compiled.

Yates contacted Rep Arnold-Jones and invited her to drop out of the race.

I would suppose there are many of the same people involved,
who at one time, were threatening Arnold-Jones' daughter,
link, should Arnold-Jones continue her run against the Party anointed, Darren White, in the race for US Rep Heather Wilson's seat.

Add to this, the apparent cover-up of a physical assault by Colonel Allen Weh on member(s) of the Republican Party staff, and a picture emerges of Party favoritism in violation of Party Rules.

But then the NM Republican Party never has been big on following the rules, link.

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