Wednesday, March 03, 2010

No more 1% for public art.

There is a law in this state that requires, under certain circumstances, 1% of the money appropriated for a capital project be spent on "public art".

For example;
there is a highway interchange
going in next Speaker Lujan's
place, link.

I have no idea
how much it will cost us.
Let's say $100M to keep the math easy.

That would mean a million dollars will be spent on public art, my guess would be, around his interchange; perhaps a Lujan Museum of Arty Stuff.

In which case, we'll have to ponying up a few million more dollars, I guess.

How about taking the 1% for public art and replacing it with 1% for the State Auditor's Office, to pay for a forensic audit of the entire arrangement, beginning with,

why is a highway interchange being built next to
place, in the first place?

photo Mark Bralley

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