Friday, March 12, 2010

Reform is impossible without a showdown

Simply put, there are at least two kinds of politicians and
public servants;

  1. those who would have government that is transparently accountable to the people, and
  2. those who would not.

Those who would not, have a distinct advantage in the fight.
They enjoy the luxury of being able to hide their indefensible
position instead of having to defend it.

They can use their power and privilege to hide public records.
They can use it to close meetings. They can use it to deny
robust webcasting of deliberations of the public interests.

If there ever were a fight,
if every single Senator and every single Representative
could be compelled to get up out of their seats, and
move to one side of the room or the other,

they would lose.

No one will stand up on the wrong side of the room.
If they do, they will not have the opportunity
beyond November 4, to do it, ever again.

A showdown is fatal to their interests.

Good wo/men can find themselves protecting bad wo/men out of some misplaced loyalty. But, the culture of corruption cannot end, except by exposing the corrupt. There is a reluctance to ending their immunity.

Many will forfeit their good names and some, their jobs.
Some will loose their liberty.

I say, tough shit.

They should have thought about that before they starting
stealing our money and betraying our trust.

They have usurped control over power and resources that
belong fundamentally, to the people.

They will not give it back. We must take it from them

... at a showdown.

We cannot simply give them the very thing that corrupts them absolutely;
absolute power, sans absolutely transparent accountability.

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