Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Brooks gives non-college bound students short shrift, and that's OK

Everyone knows there are students who cannot, will not, and should not go to college. There are students who are trades bound for a number of good and completely defensible reasons. They will become the carpenters, the plumbers, the diesel mechanics, and the laser technicians we need. They will make good livings and will live happily ever after.

But they will not be getting any help from their APS schools. The programs are expensive and APS has "better" things to do with the money.

According to APS Superintendent Winston Brooks, college bound students are a higher priority.

In the Journal this morning, link, we read;

"APS Superintendent Winston Brooks said he sees a need to offer classes for kids who are not college-bound.

Unfortunately, the focus and money right now must go (instead) toward beefing up the high school curriculum, he said.
"It's our responsibility (that) they're college-ready," Brooks said. "... It's our job to prepare them (for college, not for a trade)."

And what about the "dumb asses" who aren't going to college?
Why don't we just let them "drop out" and free up the money
for the kids who really deserve it?

This is outrageous!

I cannot immediately cite empirical data, but I would suppose from my experience that this prejudice affects minority students disproportionately. It is institutional prejudice against minority students, it is institutional racism, it is institutional classism!

And if every single person who has expressed concern over achievement gaps and minority students does not now step up and express their outrage over this blatant discrimination against minority students, I would invite them to shut their hypocritical mouths forever!

Five of the seven APS School Board Members are Hispanic; Delores Griego, Lorenzo Garcia, Marty Esquivel, Paula Maes, and Robert Lucero. Where is their outrage?

Where is Moises Venegas' outrage?

Where is Dicky Gallegos' outrage?

Where is Eddie Soto's outrage?

Where is NM Public Education Department Secretary Veronica Garcia's outrage?

Where is the outrage of every legislator who voted in favor of the Hispanic Education Act?

As far as I can tell, there is only one reason to not give this guy the boot right now, and that is that the APS School Board has provided him with a half million dollar golden parachute, link, if we do. It's good to see that the Board has its funding priorities straight.

photo Mark Bralley


Anonymous said...

So much for APS' crappy motto "All kids have a right to learn..."
Way to go Winston! I'd rather be a garbaGEMAN THAN A RICH VAMPIRIC CON Man like you, sucking on the public doll, basking in your own incompetence, vile temper and homophobia.

Michelle Meaders said...

They went to college, so they probably don't have much interest in the kids that didn't.

From the same article, this looks interesting:
"Tony Monfiletto, founder of the Amy Biehl Charter School, is planning to open a new school this fall that will prepare students for the construction field.
Partnering with the Associated General Contractors, Monfiletto said there's a demand for students who have been trained, as well as classes for students who want to buck the traditional format.
"The need is apparent by the fact that we had so many kids that are disengaged from high school," he said. Construction-related teaching will occur all day long, even in English and math, where American literature may be approached from the perspective of period architecture, for instance."

Of course there are 4 year apprenticeship programs in construction trades for high school graduates. They include working practically full time at the trade, which these under-18 kids wouldn't be allowed to do, but this could give kids a good start toward them. Besides, the skills they learn there are probably more useful for the rest of their lives than the college prep classes.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Amy Biehl Charter!
No wonder Winston wants to give you the beat down. You know the needs of your students, you are providing them a future THEY want, and finding alternative education to college.
Mr. Monfiltto, kudos to you!
Winston...you get a big wet rasberry!