Friday, March 19, 2010

Janice Arnold-Jones earns another endorsement.

Rep Kathy McCoy has offered
her endorsement of
Rep Janice Arnold-Jones

for Governor.

In her endorsement,
pointed to Arnold-Jones
ability to "hit the ground running"
based on her extensive

Representatives McCoy and Arnold-Jones serve together on the Voters and Elections Committee where McCoy is the ranking Republican.

McCoy offered in her endorsement;

"As my colleague in the House of Representatives, I have been extremely impressed with her ability to analyze, comprehend and communicate complicated legislation.

She has been a champion of government transparency and election reform, including photo ID.

Representative Arnold-Jones courageously stands up to the Speaker of the House when rules are broken or, in some cases, completely tossed out the window.

Representative Arnold-Jones is able to cut through the smoke and mirrors we often experience in the legislature and is one of our best debaters. She knows how to cut through the bureaucracy in Santa Fe, or use it to her advantage when necessary.

“Representative Arnold-Jones interacts extremely well with the other side of the aisle in order to advance good legislation and always carefully weighs what effect it will have on New Mexicans. In other words, she is already uniquely qualified to be our next Governor.

It is my distinct pleasure to endorse her candidacy.”

photo Mark Bralley

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