Thursday, April 02, 2009

Turns out; Marty Esquivel is famous.

I was reading Monahan this morning. link
He mentioned Marty Esquivel's name and gave us a link.

It appears that Esquivel is
a famous first amendment
and open government lawyer.

You will recall that,
the first amendment provides constitutional protection for
the human right to freedom of speech.

And then he watched me being illegally arrested by
APS' Praetorian Guard for standing quietly
against the furthest wall in the back of the board room
wearing an elephant mask.
(Links to the first time and to the last.)

I was standing there waiting for him to explain to us,
why he will not be held honestly accountable
as a role model of the Student Standards of Conduct.

Abraham Lincoln wrote;

If you want to test a man's character,
give him power.

photo Mark Bralley

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