Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dear everyone in the leadership of the APS,

by which it is meant; everyone above the rank of student;
but beginning with the President of the School Board,
and the Superintendent.

Marty Esquivel in the senior most
executive role model of the
Student Standards of conduct.

So far, he steadfastly refuses to
acknowledge on the record, even one of his
obligations or intentions as one of the
senior most role models for staff and students.

Winston Brooks is the senior most
administrative role model of the
Student Standards of Conduct.

So far, he steadfastly refuses to
acknowledge on the record, even one
of his obligations or intentions as
one of the senior most role models for
staff and students.

There are two standards of conduct in the APS;
one high, one low. One requires truth telling, the other, not.
One for kids, one for adults.

Unless they are prepared to speak in defense of this
circumstance, they must concede that, hypocrisy
this egregious, is as intolerable, as it is indefensible.

There are two choices; they can either raise their own standards
of conduct to the level of the standards they establish and
enforce upon students; either they can walk their talk, or,

they can lower the standards of conduct for students to
a level that is more comfortable for them;
one that does not require telling the truth.

This is it. This is the battle between good and evil.

And, you pick a side, when you don't pick a side.

photo Mark Bralley


Anonymous said...

Highland High School Once Again Unfairly Targeted...

In the wake of today's economic times and the shrinking budgets of local high school activities departments, Highland High School could have added monies to sorely needed programs by hosting a local Muay Thai Kickboxing event featuring local young female athletes, products of APS high schools and native New Mexicans.

This event is billed as "Battle of the Bad Girls" and is scheduled to take place on May 9th, 2009 in Highland High Schools Main Gym from 7pm to 9pm. A two hour sports event, family friendly and lots of fun.

So what happened to thwart this? We don't know, although we were told that hosting an event such as this is an inappropriate venue we were not given an acceptable reason. Although not sure of the type of research conducted by APS Chief Operations Officer, abQtimes discovered that venues such as this have taken place not only in high schools, but junior highs and community colleges in the State with no incidents. Those events were indeed approved by the New Mexico Athletic Commission, high school, junior high and community college leadership.

Nikki Dennis, Highland High School Principal and Pat Arguelles, Highlands Activities Director, whom both approved the venue to take place at their local high school, could offer no reason as to why the Chief Operations Officer, Brad Winters, said no.

Thousands of dollars have already gone to promoting and preparing for this event. What is happening is not only wrong, but unprofessional and heartless. Highland students stand to benefit from hosting this venue. The community and local families also stand to benefit from this venue. To deny this venue without cause is unacceptable, irresponsible, and poor judgement. To say that everyone else is wrong and one person is right seems like a political move serving the interest of Mr. Winters and not in the best interest of the Highland Community, friends, family, and sponsors who support this venue whole heartedly. So we ask, why? And we seek an intelligent, viable, make sense answer because what was told is not enough to warrant the negative impact the decision of one person will have on the entire venue, for in this instance the needs of the many outweigh the political grandstanding of the one person.

We are indeed a diverse and proud community and quite frankly, we are sick and tired of decisions being made due to outdated thinking and community sterotypes that continue to be a way of thinking by way too many local Albuquerquens. Highland Community and the International District continues the work of making this community a great and safe place to live, work, and play.

We need your help, please send an email to APS and Mr. Winters asking why he an only he oppose this venue. Why he thinks everyone else's judgement is wrong in having Highland High School Host this event. From the State Athletic Commission, who serves at the pleasure of the Govenor, to the other high schools, junior highs, and community colleges who have hosted events such as this. Using strong armed tactics to subvert community good is not good judgement and does not serve the best interest of the Highland Community.

Anonymous said...

APS also has a long standing policy that military recruiters cannot come in and present how being in the military can lead to related jobs and university funding.
They can come to JROTC, but even if a teacher has a career day and wants the recruiter to come in and answer questions, it is not the "proper venue" and parents will be "upset".
However, CIA, FBI and other government recruiters are very welcome to come on such career days.
"Not the proper venue" is an easy "cover your ass " excuse when you don't like something.
--An APS instructor