Thursday, April 16, 2009

Smoke and mirrors, but mostly smoke.

Try to get David Peercy to talk about role modeling of the
APS Student Standards of Conduct, or role modeling of
the Pillars of Character Counts!, and you will get smoke;
vague references to existing policies and procedures,
which he claims already surpass anything that accountability to
the Student Standards of Conduct would add.

Ask him to point to even one; you get nothing.

The APS Student Standards of Conduct require truth telling.

I defy anyone to find the concepts of truth telling or honesty
even mentioned anywhere in any policy or procedure
that applies to adults.

I defy anyone to point any place in the APS where a legitimate
complaint can be filed against an administrator, and where
that complaint is guaranteed a principled resolution.

They do not exist.

There are no standards of conduct anywhere in the entire
APS that are as high as the standards we set for students.

If there were, someone could point to them.

If you could get anyone in the leadership of the APS to actually
tell the truth, the truth is; students are accountable to
higher standards of conduct than adults.

And that truth is utterly indefensible, except by hiding it
behind screens of smoke and bullshit.

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