Thursday, April 09, 2009

Governmental Conduct Laws feel good.

There is widespread and deeply rooted corruption in
NM State Government.

There are laws in New Mexico, against public corruption.

Yet, there is still corruption in NM State Government.

Are governmental conduct laws just feel good legislation?

Monahan reports this morning, link, that the charges filed
against PRC Member Jerome Block and his father,are;

"... the first substantial public corruption charges AG
Gary King
has produced from a state grand jury since
taking office in 2007."
Dave Maass of the Santa Fe Reporter, link, reports that
NMAG King's office has identified 20 violations of NM
Sunshine Laws (NMIPRA and OMA), and yet;
King has not penalized a single agency for OMA/ IPRA
violations since taking office.
In my own experience; when I asked the clerk of the Second
Judicial District Court, how many prosecutions has taken
place under the Governmental Conduct Act, she replied;
"None. I guess it has never been necessary."
I have never had a single governmental agency actually
surrender a public record (against their interests) despite
the fact that their denials clearly violated the requirements
of the NM Inspection of Public Records Act.

Someone else first observed;
You can't fight city hall
(and their droves of lawyers, litigating against the
public interests, and on the public dime)

even with a book full of (feel good) laws on your side.

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