Friday, April 10, 2009

APS facing technology position cuts

According to the Journal, link, budget cuts will force APS to
cut technology positions. They are the folks who teach and fix
computers in schools.

Assistant APS Superintendent Diego Gallegos said,
"From a resource standpoint, we didn't have enough
resources to have technology teachers at every school in
the district."
Journal reporter, Andrea Schoellkopf, goes on to report,
Montezuma Elementary Principal Deb Detorie said
she considers the instruction "a life requirement."
"Twenty-five percent of my kids come from a home that
doesn't have a computer."
We're not teaching them the world if we're not teaching
them how to navigate the Net.""

At the same time, APS has managed to scrape together enough
money, to give Monica Armenta three more non-teaching
staffers in her beleaguered "Communications" division. link

Go figure.

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Anonymous said...

She also has Soto doing part of her job. When that cowards Winston Brooks won't meet with RGHS parents, he sends Soto, not Armenta.
So she has all this "help", and she's probably in line for a raise?
Is she worth like 4 teacher's salary? Especially now?