Thursday, April 16, 2009

The culture of fear of retaliation is real.

The Council of the Great City Schools did an audit of the
administration of the APS.

In the report on that audit, they wrote that there is a culture
of fear of retaliation and retribution in the APS for anyone
who stands against an administrator or board member.

Culture is their word, not mine, and it is a powerful word;

The behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular
group. The sum total of ways of living built up by a group
of human beings and transmitted from one generation
to another. The totality of socially transmitted behavior
patterns. The predominating attitudes and behavior that
characterize the functioning of a group or organization.
My recent post, link, on APS' culture of fear of retribution and
retaliation has drawn a greater number of comments than most,
and they all agree with the premise.

The latest ended their comment with;
Fear of retaliation permeates the entire culture of APS.

The leadership of the APS will not comment on the issue.
They will stonewall the issue. They will pretend that the
issue does not exist.

And it will never get any better, it will never go away.
And there will never be a principled resolution of any
complaint filed against any administrator or board member.


Anonymous said...

It is real in APS. Retaliation and professional revenge exists and is unjust in APS. Goon administrators sometimes seek to fire a good teacher because that teacher "knows too much" about what's going on in the school.
I know. I have experienced itt.
--An APS instructor

Anonymous said...

The first year I worked with APS I reported a nurse who sent a student with a broken hand back to class. I chose call the parents and the child was taken home. Four years later APS 'Upper Management' continues to undermine my experience and defame my reputation. I continue to contact Child Protective Services as I did in that first incident. APS can not fire me for 'Doing what the law requires' They can however make my work day so miserable that I'd want to quit. Thanks to Employee Assistance and the wonderful counselors I'm able to take one day at a time.
An APS Educational Assistant

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah it's real, just ask the poor security gaurd that Danny Moon had "punished"!