Sunday, April 12, 2009

You caaaaaaaannnnn't make me!

How is it that, public servants cannot be compelled to point to
some set of unequivocal standards, and then hold themselves
honestly accountable* to those standards?

*"Honestly accountable" as defined in the most enforceable
terms. "Honestly accountable" defined as meaning
circumstances under which it is made the most difficult for
the corrupt and the incompetent to weasel out of accountability
and the consequences of their corruption and their incompetence.

And, why aren't those unequivocal standards for public service,
standards that are higher standards than the law?

The "law" represents the lowest standards of conduct that
civilized people will abide.

The "law" doesn't even require public servants to tell the truth
about how they are spending our power and our resources.
The law allows them "no comment".

The "law" is inadequate to the need.

If we must "trust" them with control over our power and our
resources, then they must hold themselves accountable to
standards of conduct which prohibit betraying our trust.

There is no "law" against betraying our trust.

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