Sunday, April 05, 2009

Power and honest accountability vary inversely.

I was googling "honest accountability" and came across my
own post, circa 2006. Nothing has changed except the number
of times they have been asked to step up to honest accountability
and then stonewalled in response.

Powerful people can break the rules; and then dodge
accountability. APS leaders have broken the rules and
are dodging accountability.

Consider what you have seen with your own eyes.

Nine times the Superintendent and School Board Members
have been asked to hold themselves honestly accountable
to the same standard that they established and enforce upon
students. Nine times they have stonewalled the question.

By their history, and by their stonewalling; APS Leaders have
indicated that they are unwilling to be held accountable to
ANY standard of conduct; even the law.

As senior role models for 98,000 students, and as the stewards
of the public trust and treasure, and as public servants;

Are APS Senior Administrators and Board Members
honestly accountable to a meaningful standard of conduct?

They would like you to believe that they are.

So who are you going to believe;
APS Leadership, or your lying eyes?

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