Saturday, April 25, 2009

Complaint filed with the State Auditor is now about 11 weeks old

I filed a complaint with the State Auditor, alleging a fraud
attached to the most recent Moss Adams Audit of the APS.

It has now been about three months, and I have heard nothing
from the Auditors Office. It has not even been acknowledged
that they have received the complaint.

It is frustrating that apparently, a citizen cannot count on the
government for help when trying to hold public servants
accountable for public corruption.


Anonymous said...

That's like asking a Fox Club (run by foxes)to report how many Foxes killed chickens last week so you can do a roundup of said foxes.
Good luck. So many of them are in this together. It's been the way of New Mexico for about 300+ years.The power-elite protect each other.

Anonymous said...

Check out the latest scuffle between parents and APS