Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The inconvenient truth at Jimmy Carter Middle School

This is the week that stakeholders were promised the results
of a school climate survey done two months ago.

A school climate survey is as close as the leadership of the APS
will come to gathering hard data on the conduct and
competence of site level administrators.

A few thing are all but certain;

  • the whole truth will not be told this week, it is likely that instead,the results will be kept under wraps until the school year has ended; thereby making it more difficult for stakeholders to organize any sort of response. Any teacher or parent who chooses to pursue the issue, will do so individually.
  • there was a real problem; a problem so great as to need hiding.
  • the problem will or will not have been resolved.
If it has not been resolved, the data, now outdated, cannot be
used to substantiate any allegations of current administrative
corruption or incompetence.

If the problem has been resolved, it will have been resolved
without any administrator having to acknowledge that there
ever was a problem in the first place.

The district will have
"... learned from the experience and will now
be focused on the future ..."
No consequence will befall the administrator responsible for
the problem.

Whatever teachers stood up on the issue of the problem
will not be vindicated. But their names and faces will be
remembered in APS'
"... culture of fear of retribution and retaliation ..."

All of this is strictly, explicitly, and expressly prohibited by the code of conduct that administrators enforce upon students.

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Anonymous said...

Some of the JCMS teachers were talking yesterday about this very thing.
We were promised the results in a meeting, a meeting which never came. And all agreed that if that meeting ever came, it would be at the end of the year, and be swept under the carpet, and next year would be same crappy business as usual.
Some of the JCMS teachers are tuning in to your blogs for updates, which is good because then they can see what else goes in "the mix" w/ APS.
thanks for your help and attention.