Friday, April 17, 2009

What is Winston Brooks willing to do to reach Goal 2?

Winston Brooks has eight goals; link, the second reads;

Goal 2
... develop and implement a plan to change the perception
and build the confidence (in the leadership of the) APS ...
The perception is that APS lacks standards and accountability.
  • Governor Richardson pointed to APS' statewide earned reputation for its lack of accountability.
  • Mayor Marty Chavez at one point was advocating for mayoral appointments to the APS School Board, as the only solution to the accountability issues in the APS.
  • Bond and mill levy issues pass by smaller and smaller margins each time they come up.
At the same time, Winston Brooks is doing everything he can to keep standards and accountability from being openly and honestly discussed in public. Witness his ongoing refusal to discuss the Student Standards of Conduct, and his honest accountability to them.

Most important among the Student Standards, the Pillar of Trustworthiness and its requirement to tell the truth in response to legitimate questions.

Winston Brooks steadfastly refuses to point to a time, a day, and a place, where he, or any of his subordinates, will simply sit and answer legitimate questions.

If Winston Brooks is not willing to tell stakeholders the truth, and if he is not willing to publicly discuss standards which would require him to tell the truth, what is he doing to improve the public perception of the leadership of the APS?

Apparently, all he is willing to do is to not talk about, any issue which might hurt APS' reputation.

According to the Student Standards of Conduct, Brooks is
specifically and explicitly denied this choice; link,

Sincerity is genuineness, being without trickery or duplicity.
It precludes all acts, including half-truths, out-of-context
statements, and even silence, that are intended to create
beliefs or leave impressions that are untrue or misleading.
It is clear that Winston Brooks will not only allow beliefs and
impressions that are untrue or misleading,
he is deliberately cultivating them.

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