Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Last email from Sgt. Joseph Gonzales

I have received my last email from the President of the
Character Counts! Leadership Council.

He talked a bunch of smack, and then made nonspecific threats
about what he would do if I emailed him back with any manner
of rebuttal.

He did, however, write two things of interest.

In the first, he claimed to have been in touch with the national
Character Counts! office. He claims that they told him that both
that office and Michael Josephson personally, had told me not
to contact them again (about the massive fraud being perpetrated
using his beloved Character Counts! as its engine.)

Honestly, I have no specific recollection of either the office
or Josephson asking me not to contact them again.

I would not be surprised though. I have been riding them
pretty hard trying to get them to do something in the APS
besides selling them Character Counts! link link

If I had, I would be no more ashamed of it than I am ashamed of any of the other abuses that have been perpetrated upon me by people who don't want to talk about administrative and executive role modeling of the student standards of conduct.

I am unashamed of anything that I have done in my effort to bring standards and accountability to the table for open and honest discussion. I would do it all again, in front of any of my former students.

The second interesting thing that Gonzales wrote; he represented that he had not met Carole Smith.

Carole Smith is the ranking APS administrator of APS' Character Counts! program.

I would be very surprised if she were not a member of the council that the sergeant "leads".

Why, if Gonzales were "researching" an allegation that the leadership of the APS is only pretending to be role models of the student standards of conduct, would he not talk to APS senior administrator of Character Counts!

Bottom line; don't expect to see the President of the
Character Counts! Leadership Council,
Sgt. Joseph Gonzales
at a board meeting, insisting
that the leadership of the APS step up as role models of
the Pillars of Character Counts!

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