Friday, April 24, 2009

Who owns the truth; an illustrative example.

Bird strikes. Every year, birds and planes collide.

Sometimes, planes crash; people die. link

The FAA keeps statistics on bird strikes. They can tell you how
likely it is that you will be injured or killed. There are airports
that are considerably more dangerous than others.

Some people might want to consider the danger when they
fly. But the truth has not been told to stakeholders.

Some government bureaucrat decided not to tell the truth,
"because it might alarm people".

Travelers have a right to the truth. It is their decision whether
to become alarmed or not. It their choice whether to fly or not
based on their alarm.

The FAA refused to release these records and it took a great
deal of pressure in order to see non-exempt public

You shouldn't have to fight your government, for the truth.

You shouldn't have to prove your right to the truth in order to
see it, the government should have to prove that you have no
right to it, before they can refuse to tell it to you.

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