Tuesday, September 18, 2007

There is no legitimate agenda

that does not move forward on the day
that an administrative accountability audit begins.

  • communication
  • student retention
  • test scores
  • student discipline
  • community involvement
  • effective and efficient resource allocation
  • site based management
  • community confidence
  • employee morale
  • ...
I defy anyone to suggest a legitimate agenda that
does not move forward on the very first day that
administrators and board members find themselves
honestly accountable to meaningful standards
of conduct and competence.

Seriously, I defy you to suggest even one.


Anonymous said...

And yet we instructors are constantly told by administrators "be accountable for your actions" and "accountable teaching to the standards"...blah,blah, blah.
Are we the newest serf caste?

Anonymous said...

Are we the newest serf caste?

If you were at Linda Sinks latest brain fart in the last couple of days, you wouldn't have to ask. She told us outright, (union who bargained this on all of us, are you listening?) as long as she is there this will continue. The brain numbing exercises were old hat to many of us, and insulting to all. Teachers sitting on floors because there were no more chairs I have rarely seen such planning outside of F Troop. So much for professional development, all I got out of it was gum on the seat of my skirt.