Tuesday, September 25, 2007

So Why was Boothe placed on administrative leave?

According to the Trib; within 90 minutes of blowing the whistle on Bill Moffatt and Tom Savage; Lou Anne Boothe was placed on administrative leave.

Why? And by whose order?

According to APS Communications Director Rigo Chavez; Boothe was not placed on leave for alleged employee misconduct, and her suspension "has nothing to do with finances related to expenditures within the district." However, a personnel investigation has been started, he said.

So for no apparent reason, the whistle blower is separated from all of the records she would need to substantiate her claims against senior APS administrators. She is also made to look guilty in front of her peers. She was given thirty minutes to clear out.

When I was hustled out of my classroom for whistle blowing, the principal Wayne Knight came into my class room with APS Police Officers five minutes before my class of six graders would have been dismissed; and made it appear to them that I was being arrested; starting all kinds of groundless rumors from which, one does not fully recover.

By the time I got back into my classroom, after the kangaroo court had fired me; all of the evidence of incompetence and corruption that I had collected against Knight, was missing.

Whistle blowers are not treated very well at all
by the leadership of the APS;

deliberately, methodically, routinely.

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