Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Armed APS Police? It's Paula's Call

The entire school board will take a final vote tonight on the issue of arming APS police officers.

According to the papers, the board is split on the issue.

Robert Lucero, Berna Facio, and Shirley Gonzales
are reported to be intending to vote against arming police officers.

Marty Esquivel, Gordon Rowe, and Mary Lee Martin
are expected to vote in favor.

Paula Maes will cast the deciding vote.
She says that she hasn't made up her mind yet;
bringing philosophical indecision to a whole new level.

I have received no response to my question; whose call is it?

Are board members expected to vote their own conscience on the issue; or are they supposed to vote the conscience of the stakeholders that they represent?

It is fitting that Paula Maes is in this position. The spotlight is on her. And it is upon the issue of whose interests does she represent on the board; stakeholders, or her's and Modrall's?

At some point; I hope it will become obvious that the public has lost all control (over power and resources that they have entrusted to the leadership of the APS;)

...and that it is time to wrest it back.

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k said...

Too bad she succumbed tonight. But she made her choice and the voters will let her know how they think about her.