Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Journal story reveals new info on latest scandal

The Journal (sub req) followed up on the Trib's expose of the scandal in APS' accounting dept. and added new information.

A letter from APS provided by Boothe's attorney said the leave was "pending an investigation of concerns based on your behavior and the manner in which you have conducted yourself which has caused a loss of trust and confidence in your ability to perform your duties."
It added that the district had "concerns regarding your ability to work productively with co-workers."
The Journal also offered that Moffatt's resignation had to do with the complaint filed against him, a fact that the APS Communications Dept had so far neglected to communicate.
After Boothe complained of the alleged harassment to Savage in June, Moffatt announced he would resign Sept. 1.
The real bombshell; APS didn't communicate to stakeholders that Moffatt had been put on administrative leave
But he was put on paid leave Aug. 1 pending an investigation of employee misconduct, and he retired on Aug. 31, district spokesman Rigo Chavez said.
A senior, and highly paid, APS administrator was put on paid leave as a result of allegations of misconduct and APS', also highly paid, communications department decided not to tell the community about it. How many other senior administrators are on paid leave as a result of allegations of corruption and/or incompetence?

The Journal article repeated the Trib's report of retaliation against the whistle blower.
Boothe alleges that Savage told her not to contact police about the alleged harassment. She claims that after she complained to Savage, officials retaliated by stripping her of responsibilities.
In a new twist on things, a discrepancy between stories comes up. The Trib reported that Boothe was put on leave 90 minutes after blowing the whistle on Moffat and Savage to the board. The Journal reports that the whistle blower was put on leave before reporting to the board.
Two APS board members said they were suspicious of the allegations in the lawsuit, saying Boothe e-mailed the school board about her allegations of misspending a day after she was placed on leave.
The opinion that I respect most, comes from board member Marty Esquivel;
"I'm not shy when it comes to calling the administration on mistakes," said board member Marty Esquivel. "This one raises a lot of questions about the integrity of the claims."
I would like to write now; more information to follow;
but I can't.

The likelihood is that very little information will follow.
How much do we know about what happened
in the leadership of the APS PD, nine months after
it's senior administrator was put on paid leave
for six months before he was canned?

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