Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Its All Good at Atrisco E.S.

APS' spin, no harm done.

"No students or parents have reported that Ashley touched children inappropriately..."

The 63 year old self admitted pedophile's spin'

"... becoming sexually aroused by tickling girls' feet while they played on monkey bars ..."

So who are you going to believe, Ashley, or a bunch of eight year old girls?
in the Tribune


Joseph Lopez said...

I am thouroughly relieved that I was not the dispatcher to have recieved the call on the foot tickling perv. I woulda sent two of the biggest, roughest, scariest on duty APS Police Officers with daughters, and called in an even bigger, scarier night time guy to stand by the pervs car. That asswipe would have been in jail instead of on the run. We wouldn't want head injured people like me making any decisions like that, though.

What the HELL? WHY let the perv go, why? BCSD interviewed the guy and got a confession; that is not probable cause anymore? They had the tape. What ever happened to arresting on a non-related misdemeanor while you get the judge to sign off on a separate felony count? Or getting the verbal ok for a warrant with those Star Trek Communicator things we all have now, what are they called - oh yeah,CELL PHONES. If the Misdemeanor is thrown out, who cares, but the molester is in CUSTODY.

Yes, APS Police screwed up royally too, as did the college degreed principal with child specific training who took the worst advice ever to come out of a dispatcher's mouth: "Give the perv back his tape of the little girl" Christ, my blood pressure went through the ROOF. I can't think about this screwed up situation anymore, NO ONE knows what the HELL they are supposed to be doing at schools regarding keeping kids safe. They are keeping CREEPS safe instead.

ARRRGH! I am trying for APS Police not to be the death of me yet - via heart attack.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind almost everyone APS parent has signed those permission slips at registration that says "Do you give us permission to video or photograph your child"

Now, I know this isn't what they meant, but once you sign that ... there's no telling what will come back to bite you in the butt. You sign off on almost anything without knowing specifically why they want your child's image.

Your child's image could be posted on the website for anyone to see, copied, altered and circulated. Think about it! Good intentions, these days have ways of turning bad. I've seen it done to myspace sites.

I don't sign it. But it hasn't done any good --- my daughter's picture has been taken a few times and is everywhere. I love when they call me AFTER the fact, to ask my permission.
They should do away with that form and ask permission for specific photos that could be made public. Photos around the school ... big deal. On websites, TV or publications ... get permission!