Saturday, September 08, 2007

Public Awareness of the APS PD Scandal

When the public became aware of the scandal involving public corruption and criminal conspiracy in the leadership of the APS (police department), a number of things happened in quick succession.

  • Robert Lucero got himself on TV proclaiming the innocence of this buddy Gil Lovato; and decrying the "disgruntled former employee" who made the allegations.
  • Tom Savage ordered APS employees to keep their mouths shut.
  • And, two investigations began.
One was an internal investigation; subject to self evident questions regarding impartiality. The other was conducted by a private investigator and is presumably impartial and honest.

I suspect that it discloses evidence of criminal misconduct concerning the felony criminal misuse of BCSO computers to do illegal background checks on individuals including Tom Savage's fiancee.

No one but the investigator and APS/Modrall, knows what the report says.

  • The report is a public record. Public money paid for the investigation of the public service of public servants.
  • Public money is flowing into the board president's husband's law firm, in order to keep the public from reading the report.
  • Public money is being paid to Modrall lawyers to litigate, for the leadership of the APS, exception to the Inspection of Public Records Act; in order to hide from the public, evidence of public corruption and criminal conspiracy.
  • District Attorney Kari Brandenburg is a player. APS/Modrall supposedly turned over evidence to the District Attorney.

  • APS/Modrall will not answer the question; Did APS/Modrall turn over the evidence revealed by the impartial private investigation?

  • Brandenburg will not answers questions either. Like, Did APS/Modrall turn over the evidence of public corruption and criminal conspiracy revealed by the private investigation?
  • Neither will she determine whether or not there was criminal conduct.

She has had the evidence for months. As far as I know, she doesn't need to do any investigation; all she has to do is look at the evidence.

She, like Monica Armenta, is too busy and too far behind in her work to tell the truth right now.

  • The NMAG can not, or will not, require APS to surrender the results of the investigation to public knowledge. Although, he is yet to rule on the complaint filed against;
  • Bernalillo County Sheriff Darren White, over his refusal to surrender the public record of the illegal use of computers under his supervision, to do illegal backgrounds checks like the one on Tom Savage's fiance. (update: since this post was written, I received notification that the NMAGO did determine that the BCSO violated the law)
  • The New Mexico Public Education Department; and its Educator Ethics Bureau; are demonstrably worthless.
  • APS/Modrall and their Juris Mustelidae have sucked the justice out of the legal system.
  • They have their own publicly funded, private police force that is certified and accredited by no one but the leadership of the APS, to retaliate against anyone who stands in their path.
  • Former Character Counts Advocate and critic of APS accountability, Mayor Marty Chavez is in hiding.
  • Former Character Counts Advocate and critic of APS accountability, Chamber of Commerce President Terri Cole is hiding with him.
An honest and impartial (forensic) accountability audit of the leadership of the APS will expose all of this to public scrutiny.

An honest and impartial audit will be opposed by the leadership and apparently as well, by everyone in Albuquerque's privileged class.

Except Marty Esquivel; whose membership in the privileged class, is by his own courageous choice; forfeit.

Nothing can stand in their way except wide spread public outrage. Outrage such as would be created by the Journal or the Trib if either would report the truth about the ethics and accountability scandal in the leadership of the APS.

Journal editor Charlie Moore says is waiting for
"the story to unfold".

Tribune Editor Bill Slakey is waiting for
the story "to show up on his radar".

The rest of us will be waiting for a few more heroes to stand up.

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Anonymous said...

Ched, Dr, Everitt assured me via email on 05/21/2007 that she had indeed sent the information to three separate sources: the DA, BCSD, and the people who determine if cops should remain certified or not.

Please see the pertinent excerpts that follow:
Dear Mr. Lopez:

... Allow me to assure you that I am not doing anything to block the prosecution of a crime, nor am I in the business of deciding whether or not a crime should or should be prosecuted. wish to determine what has been done about the information concerning the Triple III investigations?

First of all, this action has been determined a “personnel issue” by the Albuquerque Public Schools and handled accordingly. Secondly, the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office has been directly involved and made aware of the issue and so is the New Mexico Department of Public Safety. A LEA 90 Department of Public Safety Misconduct Report has been filed and acknowledged in Santa Fe. The State Attorney General’s Office is aware of the concern and they are looking into the allegations. As a result of action by the New Mexico Department of Safety, the Albuquerque Public School’s Police Department no longer has access to National Crime Information Center (NCIC) or Motor Vehicle Department checks. This eliminates the possibility for additional Triple III checks to be run by APS Police personnel.

With regard to Charter Vocational High School, please know that the information is in the hands of the District Attorney’s Office.


Elizabeth Everitt Ph.D.


Dr. Everitt, according to this very appreciated communique, has given the files over to the authorities with jurisdiction long ago.

Although I sometimes am disgusted with APS obfuscation, I really did get some comfort from the knowledge that Dr. E. had given over the investigations to the right people. I don't know if I ever thanked her for the email, but if you are reading, THANK YOU, M'AM. I was able to rest easier as a result.

We may never see the report, that my inside sources in PIville say "would make a grown man cry". That report was not done by the same investigators that initially looked into Moon and Lovato for fears of a perceived conflict of interest, since Lovato accuses certain PIs of doing work he should have been doing. EXACTLY Gil - if you were doing your job, outside investigators would not have been NEEDED, you ignorant dolt. And APS Police would not be in the same kind of stomach churning identity crisis we had when D. Harrel was caught doing the same thing you were 17 years ago when you replaced him.

At the time, people at APD were shaking their heads and saying APS should have hired Wally Iverson as the permanent director, not the interim. It looks like someone should have done a background and job history on Lovato before hiring HIM. Ask any old school APD officer how many times Lovato was fired and rehired there. Ask them how confident they were having him as back-up on burglary calls. One sergeant told me "how can he be in charge of responding to school burglaries when you can't get him out of his car to help clear a building?"

Santayana's descendants are gnashing their teeth that they can't get a nickle every time history is needlessly repeated...

J. Lopez