Friday, September 07, 2007

"APS Cops Face Delay for Guns"

reads the headline on the Journal article. (sub req)

Was Andrea Schoellkopf duped by APS; or are she and the Journal complicit in an effort by Paula Maes and Brad Winter to betray the interest of APS Police Officers, in their own safety and the safety of students?

"There's certain policies we need to look at that need to be changed," said facilities director Brad Winter, who is overseeing the police department.
Changing any policy in the APS requires two meetings; one policy committee meeting, and one regular board meeting. Each can be conducted after giving the public 24 hours of notice of the meeting. Even if the meetings cannot share one 24 hour notice period; the longest unavoidable delay is 48 hours. It takes 48 hours to change any policy in the district.
"The commission also recommended creation of a stand-alone, certified police department.
Winter said Thursday the board is waiting for an opinion from the state Attorney General's Office on whether the district can legally do that."
It may take 60 days to create a stand alone police force; it may take two years if it legislative approval is actually necessary.

But permission to form a stand alone police force, and permission to carry guns 24/7 are entirely separate and unrelated issues.

An effort is being made to deliberately deceive APS Police Officers and the community. Complicit so far, at least, Paula Maes, Brad Winter, and the Journal.

All it would take to arm APS Police Officers immediately (48hrs) is courage and integrity in the leadership of the APS;

...good luck on that one.

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