Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Case Against Charlie Moore and the Journal

Journal editor Charlie Moore is aware of the facts.

Robert Lucero disposed of a motion that would have required, as a matter of enforceable policy, that administrators and board members to answer legitimate questions; truthfully.

Mary Lee Martin disposed of a motion that would have held administrators honestly accountable to the student standard of conduct.

The board removed from its own standard of conduct; the expectation that they would be role models of the student standard of conduct by striking; in no case shall the standard for adults be lower than the standard for students.

The board approved a whistle blower policy that deliberately denies protection to most whistle blowers. Their is no protection for those whose expose ethical misconduct or incompetence.

The board recently adopted as its standard of conduct, a comparatively meaningless and completely unenforceable code of ethics.

More recently, the board lowered the student standard of conduct; in secret. They lowered to student standard as a means of lowering their own.

They did it in secret; without stakeholder participation or knowledge.

They have broadcast deliberately falsified public records to stakeholders.

They have moved the public forum off the public record; in order to remove from the public record, their refusal to answer legitimate questions about their public service.

In violation of (at least, the spirit of) the law
they are hiding evidence of public corruption and criminal conspiracy in the leadership of the APS.

They can cite no system under which they can be held honestly accountable for their conduct and competence as public servants; not even the law.

They have been ripped by every single audit of their accountability as public servants. They can cite no response to those criticisms, save ignoring them.

They spend millions of tax dollars at the school board president' husband's law firm litigating against the public interest.

They are absolutely damned by their own record. Their only defense is to hide the record of their corruption and incompetence from public knowledge.

Only the corrupt and the incompetent have a reason to resist the exposure of the corrupt and the incompetent.

The Journal's only response,
by and through Charlie Moore,
is that they are waiting for the story to unfold.

The story is unfolded to about its end.

When the corrupt and the incompetent in the APS leadership
manage to avoid an impartial full scale, (forensic) audit,
through their guile and legal weaselry,
the story is over.

There is one chapter left and Charlie Moore is writing it;

...by not writing it.

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