Monday, November 01, 2010

Board member rudeness shocks students.

From the Journal, link.

Some high school students, members of Supt Winston Brooks Student Advisory Council, were invited to speak and report to the APS School Board at a committee meeting.

During the meeting, "...

"... numerous cell phones had rung out loud, and many adults in the room had been openly using their phones.

Leslie Pham, a senior at Highland High School, pointed out that board members were sending e-mail and text messages, even as the students addressed them.
Her observation was
"... met with embarrassed laughter, but board members stowed their cell phones and one apologized to Pham after the meeting."
The Journal did not report who apologized, and by extension,
who did not.

The student members of the SuperSAC should see this as
the writing on the wall wikilink with respect to the real attention that will be paid to their input in the process.

Anyone who has spoken to the board, during a public forum for example, will find this report disappointing and spot on. The board routinely manifests its disrespect for speakers by working on their (our) laptop computers during presentations.

Three of the seven will stand for re-election in February.

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Anonymous said...

Winston Brooks does the same thing. HE texts and labtops during board meetings and during his admin meetings.
Certainly not models of good charcacteor, nor respect, nor courtesy.