Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Journal witnessed Brooks blow up

The Journal coverage of the allegations made by Assoc Supt Ruby Ethridge; that Winston Brooks has created a hostile work environment for his subordinates, is giving the allegation short shrift.

The Journal was there
when Brooks blew up
after a meeting with
Charter School leaders
and the Secretary of
Public Education
Veronica Garcia, link.

Journal reporter Andrea Schoellkopf, seen here at the meeting was there to cover the meeting, link. It is beyond credulity that she was unaware of the blow up, which would exonerate her failure to report upon Brooks use of profanity and what seemed to be a deliberate physically bumping into, as Brooks stormed out of the meeting.

Serious questions of the Journal's ability and/or inclination to furnish fair and balanced coverage of the leadership of the APS, will hang over their "coverage" of the candidates and issues in the upcoming school board elections February, 2011.

photo Mark Bralley


Anonymous said...

Kudos to you for your diligent efforts to expose the true side of No.1 APS bully. His time in court is coming as a federal lawsuit against him is getting underway. Perhaps the Journal will have no choice then but to report on the details of Brooks' true colors. I just wonder if he will blow up during the depositions or on the witness stand?

Anonymous said...

Hate to disappoint the previous responder, and believe me please, I loathe Brooks professionally as well.
However, psychologists will tell you the true sociopath or "trickster" over the years hones his psychological craft.
Brooks, a true bully indeed, tries to bully people he has power over, like Ethridge, principles, charter schools (in his eyes) and the PED officials (whom he knows they can't remove him).
And you notice he keeps calm and cool while cameras are running, and to the members of the board, who have power over him (somewhat).
I doubt he will loose it in court. He is (in my estimation), a long-term well-developed sociopath that can function in society, and occasionally lets his true, nasty nature out.
There might be a meltdown. His nasty side has gotten loose at times, beyond his control.
Maybe the legislature cutting the purse strings is enough to crack his sense of control.
Yes he is a bully; and I believe he is dangerous.