Tuesday, November 23, 2010

ACLU-NM; thanks, but no thanks

I believe it is fair to say;

the New Mexico Civil Liberties Union, link, is aware than APS School Board President Marty Esquivel is employing a publicly funded private police force; a Praetorian Guard, to deny my right to exercise my constitutionally protected human rights to free speech, to petition my government, and to run for political office.
Esquivel and I are co-equal candidates in APS School Board District 4. He, I, and anyone else who runs in District 4 are co-equal.

One of us doesn't get to abuse his power and influence by limiting participation in the debate on APS property.

A politician or public servant who accepts control over our power and resources, does so with our implied trust. That trust is betrayed when they are used against us; against the public interests. That our power and our resources are used to deny our civil rights is the ultimate umbrage against those who entrusted their power and their resources to their government.

I asked the ACLU-NM to step up.

They declined.

Why not? I asked.

I have not been extended the courtesy of a response.

photo Mark Bralley

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Anonymous said...

I have watched ACLU cases on and off that are accepted against APS.
I guess the leadership of ACLU has changed it's focus and integrity, and is ruining it's previously-enjoyed reputation.
ACLU will come to APS if a Black student basketball player is kicked on the basketball team.
However, they won't come to APS when a racist vice-principal is confiscating Mexican flags (and Mexican flags only) off backpacks and shirts saying that the 3-colors of the Mexican flag is "gang-related".
They wouldn't come during our 2 grade-gates, and they won't come now.
It seems that they want the easy wins, the ones that won't take too much time and money.
Or perhaps they are communicating with OCRv (Office of Civil Rights) and have some kind of agreement between them?
And OCR will come against APS on certain (often petty) issues, but not the big ones.
It's like they flip a coin, or something, on who's rights they'll defend.
I believe for both entities, there is a legal complaint screening online for people to fill out.