Monday, November 08, 2010

Board members stonewall legitimate question

I have filed a complaint with the State Auditors Office over the failure of APS's Audit Committee to "review and approve" whistle blower complaints.

Someone in the leadership of the APS, told an investigator from the SAO that the Audit Committee was, in fact, reviewing and approving complaints.

That statement is simply not true. According to any good and honest definition of "review and approve", the Audit Committee has not reviewed and approved even one complaint.

Because of the "confusion"over whether or not the reviews were actually taking place; I asked three Board Members to tell the truth, on the record. I asked each of them to summon the character and the courage to make a candid, forthright and honest statement regarding the truth about the Audit Committee's actual review and approval of whistle blower complaints.

I did not ask Board Members David Robbins, David Peercy,

Paula Maes
or Robert Lucero to make a statement. None has a record that would indicate they possess the character and courage to tell the truth.

I asked School Board President Marty Esquivel to tell the truth; not because I believe he has the character or the courage to tell the truth, but just to document once again, his cowardice and corruption.

He did not respond.

I also asked Board Members Lorenzo Garcia and Delores Griego to tell the truth.

While neither has in the past, shown the character and courage necessary to answer this legitimate question, candidly, forthrightly and honestly, neither have they shown the signs of corruption and cowardice that the others have.

Neither responded.

In the absence of any good and ethical reason to not answer a legitimate question candidly, forthrightly and honestly, it is reasonable to assume they share their colleagues cowardice and corruption.

cc Griego and Garcia upon posting. They (and any of the others) have the opportunity to defend, deny, refute, or even acknowledge their refusal to respond.

photos Mark Bralley

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