Monday, November 22, 2010

Sisneros ignores legitimate question

Phil "the bean" Sisneros is a Public Information Officer. He doesn't take the "public information" part all that seriously.

There is little point in asking him even the most legitimate of questions if the answer to that question reflects poorly on him, or on his boss Attorney General Gary King.

I asked him, via email, for the approximate cost of charging the Attorney General's Office with the responsibility for the impartial redaction of public records. That as opposed to, allowing politicians and public servants, who have the most to hide, to redact their own records.

He did not respond.

It could be that my email never reached him.

Or it could be that I have pissed him off by asking inconvenient questions like;

did you work on AG King's campaign during office hours?

and now he is ignoring me.

Reason enough to ask, to whom to public information officers owe their loyalty?
to the people or to the pol or public servant?

There is the appearance of a conflict of interest, and
there is consequent damage caused by that appearance.

The control of information by people who may have
reasons to hide it, who may need to cover their own
and their boss's backsides; is nonsense on its face.

The situation exists for no reason except the insufficiency
of citizens willing to stand up in opposition; to walk their talk;
to retake the control over power and resources that are
fundamentally their own.

The ethically redacted truth is being hidden from the people
because the people are not willing to stand up and demand
to be told the truth.

"All that is necessary for public corruption and incompetence
to thrive in our government, is for good people to do nothing."

Edmund Burke derived

You can't have government of the people, and by the people, and for the people, without the people.

And you can't have the people unless they know the truth;
the whole ethically redacted truth, about the spending of
their power and their resources.

photos Mark Bralley

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