Monday, November 29, 2010

Berry still hiding from the press.

I have nothing new to report; the news is that there is no news. The circumstances remain the same.

Chris Huffman Ramirez thinks he has the authority to determine who is, and is not, a member of the press , and therefore entitled to equal treatment under the law. He is exercising that "authority" to discriminate against bloggers.

Huffman-Ramirez speaks
for Mayor Berry.

He has told me straight out;
if I have any questions to ask Mayor Berry, I will ask them through him.

In the absence of any
indication to the contrary,
Mayor Richard Berry is
in tacit agreement with,
and in full support of,
of the authority he has usurped.

His failure to intervene, is manifest support for Huffman-Ramirez' prejudice against bloggers.

It is reasonable to conclude that; Mayor Richard Berry
does not recognize bloggers as members of a free press.

photos Mark Bralley

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