Saturday, November 20, 2010

PIOs don't get to ask questions

Public Information Officers are not entitled to ask questions.

They cannot ask,

Why do you want to know?
They don't get to ask,
Who are you to be asking?

If Public Information Officers work for the public, then their obligation is to respond to any legitimate question about the public interests, including their public service, by answering candidly, forthrightly and honestly. We do not employ them to spin the truth on behalf of their proximate boss.

We have "proof" (by means of the following post) Chris Huffman-Ramirez has been authorized to sift through the press, and decided which will he will "credential"; credential in addition somehow, the credentials provided already in the First Amendment;

"Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press ..."

He thinks he can invite the press that have his personal stamp of approval, and exclude everybody else. I speculate that he has been given the authority to order to the Albuquerque Police Department and its officers, to enforce his decision.

be informed of opportunities offered to the (legacy) press.

He is undoubtedly, not the only PIO who thinks they have the authority to filter the exchange of information between the people and their government.

If Director of Constituent Services Tito Madrid is to be believed (the following post);

Mayor Richard Berry
is in the loop.
and grants his tacit approval.

Which begs a question;
who is Richard Berry,
to think he can wield
our power and resources
against our free press?

photo Mark Bralley

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