Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ethridge banished

Assoc Supt Ruby Ethridge has been banished from the
castle keep at 6400 Uptown Blvd for alleging that APS
Supt Winston Brooks
is a bully who has created a hostile
working environment for his subordinates.

She will join two other associate superintendents who have
been reassigned from their digs in City Centre to the hinterlands at Rio Grande High School;
Assoc Supt Diego "Dickie" Gallegos
and Assoc Supt Linda Sink.

Probably most remarkable global aspect of this situation, is that half of APS' leadership team can be reassigned to RGHS with no loss in effectiveness or efficiency in administration.

"... associate superintendents Raquel Reedy, Diane Kerschen and Eddie Soto will share the duties created by the vacancy."
Which begs a question; how lean and mean was APS' senior administration in the first place, if three administrators can do the work of six without missing a beat?


Anonymous said...

As a recently 'Retired' former APS Educational Assistant recent APS news which is being broadcast for all to hear has felt like tons of rocks have been lifted off my very tired shoulders. Two years ago I was forced to work in an extremely hostile environment at a low producing elementary school by the new probationary principal. In September of 2008 this 'Administrator' and a married teacher began a 'Special Friendship' Due to this every child was 'Left Behind' because this guy spent at least four of his six hour day in her classroom (even when students were present) These young children told some of us stories of what they'd 'Witnessed' Before,During and After class. Use your imagination. After many complaints by parents and students I reported to the school counselor, Ruby Etheridge and various high ranking administrators who should have been interested in what they were hearing. The outcome? Ruby Etheridge stated to me, "I know who you are! You're the person who's been trying to get --- fired!"
I wonder how being on the 'Recieving end of bullying and harrassment feels Ruby?'

Anonymous said...

Anyone who works or has worked for APS knows that once you've been 'Re-Assigned' to Rio Grande High School ... you're cooked!