Friday, November 05, 2010

"Justice" League PAC continues the nastiness

The smoke has barely cleared after one of the nastiest elections in recent history, and the so called "Justice" League PAC, link, is not skipping a beat.

In an email under the subject line "Irreconcilable Differences", the misguided PAC, writes;

"The script has been set - we expect the Republican Party to attempt to gerrymander New Mexico’s districts to maximize Republican power."
If the bitter trio, Sandra, Eli and Neri, had actually read the script they are complaining about, link, they would know that Governor Elect Martinez supports redistricting by an independent commission whose charge would be to redistrict the state without gerrymandering.
“I support the implementation of an independent redistricting commission. We have seen in New Mexico, as in other states, that the redistricting process can be very contentious and almost completely driven by politics. Too often, politicians gerrymander districts to protect incumbents and the interests of their political party. It has been accurately said that this has the effect of politicians choosing their voters, rather than voters choosing their representatives.
“I would support a structure similar to the one proposed last legislative session, with equal representation on the commission by citizen members of the majority and minority parties. Such an independent citizens commission would help restore confidence in the process with the public, reduce the likelihood of costly court battles, and ensure the boundary lines of districts for the legislature and Congress are fairly drawn.”
Ironically, in the same email, they decry the very "vitriol and cynicism" they bring to the table. Had they a real interest in "reinvigorating New Mexicans to engage in politics and civic life for the right reasons", perhaps they should consider approaching the process with an open mind and contribute something to the process other than their incessant denigration.

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