Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Time for an APS audit?

Our interests in the public schools; our power and our resources, are protected by two things and two things only;

  1. standards, and
  2. accountability to those standards.

If you ask School Board President Marty Esquivel if the standards and accountability in the leadership of the APS are adequate to protect the public interests,
he will not answer honestly.

He will not respond according to his obligations as a role model of the Pillars of Character Counts; the APS student standards of conduct.

Likely, he will just stonewall the question.

If there were inescapable accountability to unequivocal standards of conduct and competence, for APS administrators and board members; he would show them to you.

He cannot.

There is a need for an independent audit of APS administrative and executive standards of conduct and competence, and of the actual honest accountability to those standards.

The auditors will not come to those conclusions, and Esquivel knows it.

There was a time, before he moved over to the dark side,
when Marty Esquivel spoke convincingly of the need
for an independent evaluation of the administration of
the APS.

Then Board Member Paula Maes set him straight; "I will never agree to any audit that individually identifies ..." corrupt and incompetent administrators (or board members).

And now, he will never agree either, to any audit that individually identifies corrupt and/or incompetent administrators and board members.

They're not stupid, they're corrupt.

As an interesting and cogent aside; it is exactly this kind of audit, that Governor Elect Susana Martinez promised for state government.

The most heartbreaking aspect; if a school board candidate chooses to make an audit an election issue;

Journal Editor Kent Walz
will find some way not to print it.

Just watch.

photos and Walz frame grab, Mark Bralley

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