Thursday, October 28, 2010

Elephant outed, Monahan gets credit.

In a nutshell, Blogger Joe Monahan wondered if Martinez Administration would treat the press fairly. His wonder is the result of Gubernatorial Candidate Susana Martinez' decision to not meet with certain members of the press. The Martinez campaign has an earned reputation for discrimination against at least some of the press. Lt Gov Diane Denish's campaign has the same reputation; equally earned.

The elephant in the room is that both candidates promise transparency and neither is offering it.

Who ya gonna believe, the candidates or you lyin' eyes?

Monahan gets credit for being the first legacy journalist to wonder out loud, why should we believe they will behave any differently after election than they do before.

Everyone has been pointing to the current lack of honest transparency, but Monahan is the first and the only one of the heavy hitters to draw the connection to the inevitability of things getting even worse, when the winner is even more insulated from, and less beholden to the people and their press.

Isn't past a solid predictor of future performance?

Now if the rest of the "legacy" press will step up and point to the disconnect between the talk and the walk with respect to real transparency; we might actually end up with some.


Anonymous said...

the transparency awards should go to you Ched. You have dedicated years to bringing light to issues that our so called community leaders want to keep in the dark.
Unfortunately in these days s%$%^t rises to the top and we all vote for, and accept, leaders that could care less about representing us.
There are many APS teachers out here who quietly discuss your topics and use the knowledge we glean to push forward with a cohesive plan of progress.
Thanks for all you do. It's tough what you have dedicated yourself to, but many of us admire, and appreciate, it.

ched macquigg said...

Thank you for your kind attention and support.

Anonymous said...

Check out Paula's reaction to proposed cuts to the board!

Anonymous said...

As conniving and snakey as some of these board members are, especially Paula, I am surprised that she would take issue with "gas money" for the board members 1st, then teachers and med staff as a 2nd priority.
These are mostly rich lawyer people and it would have shined a little well on them if they sucked it up on the gas money and said "but we can't allow our APS teachers and med staff to do that, they don't make that much".
People always strikes me as a hillbilly rube when I hear her talk to the media. I guess some people simply don't have class or style, or wit, and never will.