Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Other complaints against Brooks hidden

The allegations made by Associate Superintendent Ruby Ethridge are not the only complaints made against Supt Winston Brooks, they are only the most recent.

Among the more than 350 complaints filed under APS' whistle blower program, most, I would guess, were filed against administrators. It stands to reason, some were filed against Winston Brooks.

It really is a guess, but only because the leadership of the APS is hiding the truth about their whistle blower program. Other than the most global and useless statistics, we really know nothing about how, or how well, the program is working.

We don't even know how many complaints were "resolved" to the satisfaction of the complainant, and how many were not.

Those who filed complaints against administrators, whose complaints were adjudicated by other administrators (some subordinate to the subject of the complaint) and who were not satisfied with the conclusion have an appeal process available to them.

They are guaranteed by School Board Policy, review and approval of the handling of their complaint. Except that the entire school board, and two civilian members of the Audit Committee have reneged on their commitment; not one complaint has been reviewed or approved. Every one of them is being denied due process.

In that group are at least two complaints against Winston Brooks; I would be deeply surprised if their were not more. Some of them are probably similar to Ethridge's complaint of harassment and a hostile work environment.

There is a wealth of evidence of Brooks' foul temper and his lack of self control. If the complainants in a federal lawsuit against Brooks and Board Member Paula Maes are accurate; Brooks is the kind of man who spreads vicious rumors about other administrators behind their backs. In the lawsuit, link, he is accused of spreading a rumor that a female administrator had "slept her way to the top".

What kind of man does something like that?

We likely will never know the full extent of the complaints that have been made against Winston Brooks because as soon as a complaint is made, it is hidden away by corrupt administrators, board members and the press (KOAT TV and the Journal at least).

It is not fair to his subordinates.

And it is an abuse of the power entrusted to him, and to them.


Anonymous said...

I know of a time Brooks was holding a summertime meeting at an APS school. He didn't like what the grass-layers were doing, so instead of calling their boss, or going out there, he opened a window in front of everyone and started screaming bloody murder at them.
Do you think he got rid out the previous principles so unceremoniously at EPMS And RGHS because of "lack of progress"? No! They did what Ruby did. They tried to tell him they knew what their job was, and to please let them do it. Thus, they were humiliatingly thrown out.
Th VPs that agreed with the exprincipals at EPMS and RGHS were also humbled and retaliated against, made to fear for their jobs by the example Brooks set by disagreeing with him.
He feels he has to be king. He feels he has to be right, and only his right is what's right.
We're all kind of sick of his abuse and nonsense!

Anonymous said...

How much advertising does APS give the Journal?

ched macquigg said...

I asked once, no one at the Journal or in the APS would answer.

Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like Ruby's BFF is joining her in Siberia. Linda Sink will remain as principal of Rio for the rest of her life, er year.