Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rio parents question Ethridge reassignment.

Assoc Supt Ruby Ethridge alleged that Supt Winston Brooks has created a hostile work environment. The next thing she knew, she was banished from the administrative digs at 6400 Uptown Blvd and found herself reassigned to the beleaguered Rio Grand High School.

et al, say it is not a punishment at all, and certainly not retaliation for voicing a legitimate concern about Brooks' leadership style. This despite the fact that Ethridge will take home $45K less next year. Assuming Ethridge continues to work for the District, and does not own it as the result of a "settlement agreement" with the District; it is difficult to cast a $45K pay cut as anything but a demotion. But expect APS' million dollar spin machine; the Communications Department will give it their best shot. Though Brooks' spinners claim this in not a "demotion" in retaliation for alleging Brooks' misconduct, it looks like a duck, it walks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck.

The parents at RGHS are justifiably concerned that Rio is becoming a dumping ground for senior administrators that Brooks want to get rid of. The Journal reports, link,

"I hope he isn't thinking in his own mind that this is a dumping ground for disgruntled employees," said former state Sen. James Taylor, who is on the school's instructional council.
APS Executive Director of Communications admitted to the Journal that, the Rio position was one no one else wanted;
"That position has been open for the entire school year and no one has applied".
She went on to point out though,
"Ruby is an excellent choice for Rio Grande High School at this point."
The Journal reports;
Esther Rivera, an active Rio Grande parent, said she has always been impressed with Ethridge, but she also resents the implications of the transfer.
"For Winston Brooks to sort of use this school like Siberia — 'Ruby, we're going to send you to Siberia' — that really is indicative that this is a man who doesn't do things based on student needs. He's not making decisions based on the best fit for the school," Rivera said. "That really is very demeaning to the community."
The biggest stink in the whole situation wafts up from under the carpet where Ethridge's allegations have been swept.

Though bullying violates school board policy; the anti-bullying policy will be enforced only on student bullies. Like APS student and adult standards of conduct in general, students are held accountable to a higher standard of conduct than the adults who establish and enforce the higher standards upon them.

No one, including the Journal, is talking about beginning any independent investigation of Ethridge's allegations.


Anonymous said...

And Marty was on the TV news talking about how sending Ruby Ethridge to RGHS was part of making RGHS a "premier school" in APS.
So this is the line they are all going to tow. As soon as the media backs off attention from RGHS, then the supes will be gone, or demoted at lesser pay, and the creepiest, crappyest principles will be placed within RGHS once more.
I hope the RGHS parents won't fall for this snow job. Enjoy the attention and $$ poured into RGHS now, but beware... soon Brooks will retaliate because he resents RGHS for being a problem to him in the 1st place!
And Marty....maybe you are trying your hand at being a politician with your spin lies... but you look like a fool out there trying to spin this situation into turning RGHS into a "premier school". Where were you all these years when the gangs and the awful admin were running the school? Where were you when parents were hurt and outraged about the horrible things going on in there?
"Premier school" indeed Marty! You are such a shameful ass!

Anonymous said...

Ethridge had to be a principal of some sort before becoming a supe.
So it begs the question, how could she be placed as a VP-1st year?
Even if she was a principal in another district or state, her credit years would pass over.
This is an attempt to humiliate, punish and drive her out of APS.
And if what the news said is true, she would be a "1st year VP" status, then she was either "slipped" into a supe position without proper qualifications, or she is being illegally demoted to a lesser pay.
Either way, the whole thing is unethical, illegal and stinky what they are doing to her!

Anonymous said...

Ruby was the Principal of Kennedy for years and years. She is also best friends with Linda Sink.