Monday, November 15, 2010

Fascinating, it is.

One of the highest ranking administrators in the entire APS
is on paid administrative leave,
and the broadcast media still hasn't reported it.

Obviously, the Journal is done with its coverage of the ethics and accountability scandal in the leadership of the APS;
not a word in this morning's paper.

Three sentences buried in the Sunday paper, apparently,
says it all.

Newspaper of record? my aching ass.

Can anyone say journalistic malpractice?

Is there, I wonder, criminal journalistic malpractice?

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Anonymous said...

it is interesting that the local tv and newspaper press seem to have zero interest into doing investigative reporting around issues to do with aps. you would think some young reporter would smell the potential for a hot story on this suspension matter and be contacting everyone under the sun to learn more about what has happened? is it indifference? is pressure applied from up above int hese organizations? i genuinely don't get why there would be no interest in getting the public more info on these topics.
fyi, the woman married to an aps board member that works for adm, goes by the name of peercy. she is one of the several hundred employees that work for administration, wield administrative power, create administrative poolicy, but get left off the roster as being administrators. thus, how aps can claim to be so inline with other districts of the same size for administration, but in reality, bloats the twin towers with people that don't see children from one decade to the next in performance of their job functions.
i can't decide if this ruby woman is a hero or villian. just don't know enough about what she did to annoy wb?