Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Taxpayers are upset over APS' plan to sue them

If letters to the editor are any indication, tax payers are upset that APS Supt Winston Brooks is even considering suing them for more money for APS.

They are rightfully outraged.

If APS had independent investigators come in and examine APS' business practices, and if those investigators found that APS was spending tax dollars efficiently and effectively, perhaps tax payers would be more likely to look favorably on a tax increase for APS.

But the truth is, the leadership of the APS is fighting tooth and nail to prevent an independent evaluation of their spending of tax dollars. The truth is, an independent evaluation would reveal substantial ineffectiveness and inefficiency in their spending of more than $1B a year.

It has been only two years since Meyners + Co auditors found the APS Finance Division

  • lacked financially sound policies and procedures, and
  • lacked accountability to such policies as they had, and
  • lacked adequate record keeping.
Likely, millions of dollars have gone missing. APS is a laughing stock. At one point, Gov Bill Richardson admitted that APS had an "earned statewide reputation for their lack of financial accountability".

Consider; APS' reputation in the community could not be worse. If an evaluation would reveal that they're finally efficient and effective, they would be falling over themselves rushing to get one done.

They aren't.

They have something to hide.

The Journal, Kent Walz, is helping them hide the truth;
  • about their financial ineffectiveness and inefficiency, and
  • about the corruption in their Police Department, and
  • about the denial of due process to hundreds of whistle blower complaints, and
  • about the abdication of the leadership as role models of the student standards of conduct.

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