Saturday, November 20, 2010

School Board debate to be held behind police cordon

APS' District Relations Committee is scheduled, link, to schedule what will likely be the only televised debate between candidates in the February elections.

They will schedule it to be conducted deep within their castle keep at 6400 Uptown Blvd.

Though I have every right to participate in that debate, I will not be allowed to. Standing between me and the free exercise of my constitutionally protected human rights to free speech and to petition my government, Marty Esquivel and his Praetorian Guard.

Esquivel wrote the order
that mobilized the publicly
funded private police force
to deny me access to school
board meetings.

It is signed by the Guard's
current commander
Steve Tellez.

Recently, the recipient
of a no-confidence vote
from his rank and file.

Currently, hiding public
records of evidence of
corruption in the APS
Police Department.

Currently, unable to
conclude a 3 1/2 year long
investigation of allegations
of felony criminal misconduct involving APS senior administrators.

Currently refusing to surrender evidence of felony criminal misconduct into the hands of District Attorney Kari Brandenburg for her prosecution.

Currently enjoying Journal Editor Kent Walz' belief that none of this is at all newsworthy.

An ethics and accountability scandal in the leadership of the Albuquerque Public Schools is not newsworthy; not even in light of the upcoming school board election.

photos Mark Bralley


Anonymous said...

You need to run against Marty, how can they deny you entrance then?

ched macquigg said...

Not to be glib, but; in the same manner they deny me entrance to any other board meetings; they are beyond accountability for their mis, mal, and non-feasance.

While there would be some additional splash if I were denied access to that meeting, in particular as a candidate, it would be no more illegal than what they are doing right now.

Anonymous said...

I often wondered how US presidents could "uninvite" or "not invite" certain members of the press when holding important press conferences. This especially happens when a press entity has rubbed the Presideny's office the wrong way-- both democrats and Republicans have done this.
The same goes true with college and professional sports teams. Certain media that have catered to them and put them id a butt-kissing light are always welcome, but any sports writer that critiques that team in an unfavorable way suddenly is denied entrance to the press conferences & press celebrations.
I guess breaking this law is a tradition in the USA?
What a sham!

Michelle Meaders said...

He did run against Marty last time, but didn't have the resources to campaign much in such a big district (81 precincts).

By the way, I've heard that Marty may not run again this time -- it's a pretty thankless job. Has anyone heard? Filing date is Dec. 21, I think, and the election is in Feb.

Anonymous said...

He announced that he is running, that the School Board needed a parent on it.
His kids think the same thing!