Friday, November 19, 2010

Life isn't fair

KOB TV ran a piece on Rio Grande High School. The NM Public Education Department has decided that, though many students missed up to three weeks of school due to the scheduling snafu; three make up days would balance the books.

KOB interviewed a parent and a student, link.

The parent said, it isn't fair that students lost three weeks of school and would be given only three make up days to recoup their losses.

The student said, it isn't fair that students will have to attend three extra days of school, in as much as it was not their fault that adults screwed up their schedules.


Apparently she thought she was going to get to miss three weeks of school, scot free.

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Anonymous said...

Kids are kids, and they think like kids. Let's not be too fast to nail her on her perspective considering the role models at RGHS she has been exposed to such as knuckle-heads like Brooks and company.
What stresses me more is that transparency be damned and NM PED and APS both want this to quietly go away, so they agreed on some weak-kneed conclusions that will get everyone off their backs so they don't have to both admit they failed the students and parents at RGHS.
Birds of a feather....