Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thinking outside the box

Rep Janice Arnold-Jones is way busy with her latest gig; talk show host on Kiva 1550 am and a growing number of affiliates around the state.

She can be counted upon
for a daily dose of wth?;
"what the heck?"

Arnold-Jones, if not the first, at least among the first, to host an ongoing open, honest and civil discussion of the important issues of our day. She brings to the conversation, a respect for divergent thinking that ensures civil discussion.

She is the diametric opposite of a negative campaign ad.
She is what the people wish they had had,
during the just ended gubernatorial race.

Yesterday she invited listeners to think outside the box on education.

What could we do differently that will enable us to educate our children effectively and efficiently?

Where else is real reform in education being discussed
candidly forthrightly and honestly?

Not in the APS. There are nearly 100,000 years of teaching experience in the APS.

Not once have they been asked to think outside the box.

Rather, they are ordered to succeed in a box that gets smaller every day.

No Child Left Behind is a box.

I called and offered;

lets end the use "cemetery seating".
Let's stop taking 30 kids with nothing in common but
their age, and then trying to move them lockstep on
exactly the same path, at exactly the same speed,
for 12 years.
It bodes well for our future, that the tide is turning.
The discussions that were once confined to smoky back rooms, are now taking place where the people can sit and watch over the spending of their power and their resources.

Arnold-Jones argues that, the solutions to the problems in government, are known to the people. If you give the people a chance to be heard, they can tell us what we need to know.

Government of the people, by the people, for the people.

It begins with transparency. If we don't know for what
and how our power and resources are being spent, how
are we to regain control of the power and resources that
belong fundamentally to us?

"Lady Sunlight", link, is the subject of speculation regarding
her influence in the Martinez administration.

It is difficult to imagine a better choice.

photo Mark Bralley


James D. Robertson said...

When Harry Truman ran against Dewey for Prsident - I was told over and over again that to vote for Truman was a waste of a vote because Dewey was a shoo in. In my heart I knew that was true but I and aparently many others took the position that "while that may be true - here is one vote Dewey's not going to get." And I voted for Truman. The rest is history.
Arnold-Jones was a shining star in this last debacle. Albiet a democrat I campaigned for her by distributing flyers and whatever else I could do.
I was disappointed but not surprised at the talk-radio-hate host's unceasing pronouncements that Arnold-Jones didn't stand a chance and what else, "you are wasting your vote." And since they're all Republicans, they were able to exert a good deal of influnece on that part of the population that could have helped.
Arnol-Jones is a breath of spring.

Anonymous said...

I am an independent that often votes democrat. I too supported A-J's platform.
She was, and is, a breath of fresh air,
PS-Ched was right on by supporting her!