Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ethridge cried foul first

APS Associate Superintendent Ruby Ethridge "filed a complaint" against APS Supt Winston Brooks before he "filed" one against her.

That means; her complaint should be adjudicated first.

First we investigate her credible claims of harassment,
then we investigate his claim against her for filing a claim against him.

Is there a hostile work environment in the leadership of the APS; is there harassment, yelling, and belittling?

The latest Council of the Great City Schools audit of
the leadership of the APS found a
"... culture of fear of retribution and retaliation ..."

Which one of his subordinates will Brooks have
investigate Ethridge's allegations against him?


Anonymous said...

Just read this Journal story about a lawsuit against brooks:http://www.abqjournal.com/news/metro/1404315metro08-14-10.htm

Anonymous said...

So many of us APS-ers know how Brooks can scream, cuss, be sexist.. it's just in his nature... he's not a kind or polite person.
Good luck Winston if they supoena us to speak on your character.
And by the way.... I have never known, or heard, Ruby swear, get angry, stomp, threaten, etc.. In fact she seems to always have a good day one way or another. a very positive person!
---Let's all join CAUTRE- Citizens Against Unethical Treatment of Ruby Ethridge!-- and let's CAUTRE-ize Brooks from APS leadership!

Anonymous said...

This seems like a labor lawsuit in the making. She couldn't get a reasonable response from her boss, so she went to his bosses. Unfortunately they/re the good ole boys club, which she's probably an "outsider".
Also there's a free speech issue here, which I think OCR (office of Civil Rights) might take up, or Civil Liberties Union?
I think/hope that Winston bit ogg more he can chew (again).

Anonymous said...

We will not get anywhere unless we take down Esquivel in February. He is a wanna be politician that is responsible for creating the advisory that so many schools now suffer through. There are a lot of financial shenanigans going on with him and APS as well. I live in his district and will vote for ANYONE who will run against him.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Out with Esquivel and Brooks!
Up with Ruby Ethridge! She seems to be the only one with sense in all this!